The school has more than 800 undergraduates. Recently the school closely focus on the need for talents with basic foundation in the field of territorial economy and meteorology, and the urgent need for newly arisen industries from the market, such as high performance calculation, cloud computing and big data, combine the advantage of atmospheric sciences and information discipline and international resources, and construct multicultural talent cultivation model. The school adheres to talent cultivation orientation of “elite, internationality, technique”, adopts the cultivation method of “enrolling as major, cultivating from large subject, diverting by interest” and opened many characteristic class in accordance with the need of the society, including: “atmospheric science mathematical class”, “information and computing science (international curriculum experimental class)”, “mathematics and applied mathematics (mathematics and meteorology Changwang international advanced class)” and “NUIST Reading Academy mathematics and applied mathematics class”.

The school receives many awards in undergraduate talent training, such as “first award for national teaching achievement” (2014), unique CUMCM highest award “Higher Education Press Trophy” (2011), MCM/ICM outstanding award (2012, 2018), “outstanding award for teaching achievement of Jiangsu Province” (2011)/ “first award for teaching achievement of Jiangsu Province” (2017)/ “second award for teaching achievement of Jiangsu Province” (2013). The school also receives many awards as national brand curriculum, excellent curriculum of Jiangsu Province, key textbook of Jiangsu Province, excellent textbook of China Meteorological Administration.

The employment rate of graduates is over 99.7%, in which the high quality employment rate is over 98.2%. The graduates are engaged in research, teaching and technology development in the field of government agencies, research institution, education, IT, meteorology, finances and so on. Many graduates have been enrolled in domestic and foreign famous universities such as Cornell University, University of Edinburgh, Columbia University, Imperial College London, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University, and the rate of study abroad and as a postgraduate is over 30%.