Research field,feature and advantage

Pure Mathematics

Research field: functional analysisdifferential equationring and algebra representation theorynumber theory.

Feature: The team has some influence in functional differential equation, number theory and combinatorics.


(1) The team has 5 professors, including 1 European professor. All the full-time teachers in

the team have doctor degrees and 85% of teachers have the experience to study abroad, including foreigner famous universities as Cambridge University and National University of Singapore.

(2) The team has undertaken 13 national projects8 provincial projects1 DAAD fund and 7

National and provincial Studying Abroad Scholarships. Teachers in the team has published papers in famous mathematical journals such as Adv. Math., Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., J. Funct. Anal., Math. Z., Calc. Var. Partial Differential Equations, also give group report in ICM.

Dynamical System and the Application of Meteorology

Research field: dynamic model and theory analysissolution of mathematical problems in the application field of meteorology.

Feature: solve key mathematical problems in control, meteorology and ocean to form the mathematics dominated application technique.


(1) The team has 5 professors, in which 92% of teachers have doctor degrees and many teachers obtained Phd degree or post-doctoral degree from foreigner famous universities as Harvard University and Kuran institute of mathematics.

(2) The team has undertaken 14 funds, including:key program of NSFC, national projects and key programs of national industries, in which the total fund is over 10 million. Teachers in the team has published more than 130 papers in famous mathematical Journals such as SIAM J. Multiscale Model. Simul., Phys. Rev. Lett., Internat. J. Robust Nonlinear Control.

(3) The team receives“first award for natural science of Jiangsu Province” and is at the front of discipline development in the field of atmospheric mathematics.

Computational Mathematics

Research field: design and analysis of high accurate algorithm, numerical algebra, information processing and application.

Feature: research on the numerical solution of differential equation, pattern recognition and

image processing to assist data processing and medical diagnosis.


(1) The team has 6 professors, 2 doctoral supervisor, in which 83% of teachers have doctor degrees.

(2) The team has undertaken 16 funds and published more than 180 SCI papers. The team has rich training effect, and receives “first award for teaching achievement of Jiangsu Province”.

(3) The team has long cooperation with international famous universities and has 2 Chin-Korean joint funds. The team has edited the English version of Journal of Information and Computing Science(12 volumes, 48 issues)and consecutively organized 5 international information and computing science meetings.

Probability and Statistic, climate diagnosis

Research field: steady statistical inference, high-dimensional data analysis, extremum distribution theory and climate diagnosis.

Feature: research on the high-dimensional and functional complex big data inference, modern statistic method motivated by climate diagnosis and prediction.


(1) The team has 6 professors, 2 doctoral supervisor, and undertaken 13 funds, including: key program of NSFC, national projects and national social science fund. The team possesses big data key laboratory of Jiangsu Province and the statistical research base of Jiangsu Province.

(2) The team applies multiple linear correlation model to typhoon diagnosis and prediction, receives WMO highest award “Norbert Gerbier-Mumm” and receives “first award for scientific-technical progress of Jiangsu Province”. Teachers in the team has published more than 72 papers in famous mathematical journals such as Stat. Methods Med. Res., Stat. Comput.