(1) Teaching staff.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics has 94 full-time teachers, including 21 professors, 41 associate professors, 11 doctoral supervisors, 1 European full-time professor. Teachers receive talent projects as National Thousand Talents Program, Chinese Academy of Sciences Hundreds Talents Program, Fok Ying-Tong Education Foundation, Distinguished Professor of Jiangsu Province for more than 38 times. All the full-time teachers under 55 have doctor degrees. 71.4% of teachers have the experience to study abroad, in which 16 teachers obtained Phd degree or post-doctoral degree from foreigner famous universities as Harvard University and Kuran institute of mathematics. The school also has 4 Provincial and ministerial teams as “Double Innovation team of Jiangsu Province” and teaching group of China Meteorological Administration.

(2) Scientific Research.

In recent five years, the school has undertaken 56 national projects, including “973” Program, key program of NSFC and so on, where the research fund is altogether 26.867 million. In recent years the school has published 493 papers which are indexed by SCI. Some papers are published in famous mathematical journals such as Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., Adv. Math., J. Funct. Anal., SIAM. 10 papers are in ESI high cited paper database and hot paper database which attack extensive attention. In recent years the school has 19 issued patents. The school receives many honors, such as WMO highest award “Norbert Gerbier-Mumm”(2001), “first award for scientific-technical progress of Jiangsu Province”(2015), “second award for higher education excellent scientific research achievement of Ministry of Education” (2015),“first award for educational scientific research achievement of Jiangsu Province”(2016).

(3) Platform and Resource.

The school possesses the experimental demonstration center of Jiangsu Province and the statistical research base of Jiangsu Province. The laboratory center has high performance calculation system, which has a sustained computing speed of 126 trillion operations per second, 12 workstations and more than 250 computer terminals. The school also possesses the platforms such as national joint virtual simulation experimental teaching demonstration center and big data key laboratory of Jiangsu Province. This can provide superior teaching and research platform for the students. The school also own 4 enterprise cooperative education platform of Ministry of Education and 5 enterprise postgraduate workstations of Jiangsu Province, which can provide excellent social resource for enhancing the students’ innovation and enterprise ability.

(4) International Cooperation.

The school has established international cooperation with University of Reading, Florida state university and so on. The school have edited the English version of Journal of Information and Computing Scienceand World Journal of Modelling and Simulation, organized a series of international meetings and seminars, and undertaken extensive academic exchange and cooperation.Additionally, the school has 12 foreign part-time specially-appointed professors, who work in the university between one month and three months every year. The school also co-supervise graduates with cooperative universities abroad and carry out leading lectures and a series of seminars which build rich academic atmosphere. 61.5% students from the joint international curriculum experimental class have been enrolled in the global 200 universities.