The School of Mathematics and Statistics, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, begins undergraduate enrollment in math major from 1978. The school contains teaching and research institution including: department of mathematics and applied mathematics, department of information and computing science, department of statistics, department of college mathematics, mathematical education experimental center, space weather research institution, fluid dynamics research institution and so on. The school offers the first grade PhD’s degree and master’s degree in mathematics, the second grade PhD’s degree and master’s degree in space weather and professional master degree in applied statistics. “Mathematics” is the key discipline of China Meteorological Administration. In 2016 the school was selected as “Excellent” in the master’s degree authorization first grade discipline evaluation.

The school offers three undergraduate disciplines including information and computing science, applied statistics, and mathematics and applied mathematics, which are all key specialties of Jiangsu Province. Information and computing science is comprehensive reform experimental major of Minister of Education, brand specialty of Jiangsu Province and embedded training specialty of Jiangsu Province. The school cultivates a number of prominent alumni including “1,000 Talents Plan” and tenured professors in USA and European countries, and makes important contributions in the field of numerical prediction, climatic statistics, data assimilation and the application of differential equation, etc.